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Choosing Suppliers

Getting the right suppliers for your wedding day is so much more important than you might realise. With a few emails or a quick phone call you will be able to decide if they are on the same wedding wavelength as you and  completely  understand your expectations.

The good suppliers will be able to take your ideas and improve on them, making suggestions on how to save time, money or create a bigger wow factor. The really good ones will do this before you even place an order or make a booking with them!

If your supplier is local to you then make an appointment to pop along and meet them in person. Take any notes or mood boards you might have collected during your planning so they can have a good visual idea of what you are aiming for. If they aren't close enough to do this then send them emails and talk on the phone before you part with your money. Always try to see a sample - or for photographers, florists etc see previous work they have done. DJ's, balloon decorators and chocolate fountain suppliers sometimes will be able to have you visit a wedding they are doing so you can see them at work but make sure you keep it brief, just a quick peep then leave and ask questions at another time.

Testimonials are a way to judge customer service but remember they are only going to show you the good ones. Perhaps a better resource is to get one supplier you are completely happy with and then ask them who they would recommend contacting - just be careful as people will sometimes only suggest their own friends or other companies they have some sort of deal with.

At the end of the day you want to be comfortable with whoever you choose. You will be spending a large part of your day with your photographer, wedding planner (should you be having one) and venue contact so make sure that they make you feel happy and relaxed.  Your other suppliers should give you the confidence that they will provide what you asked for and to do it in a timely manner.

Each and every supplier in the wedding business is there for one of 2 reasons... they either love the whole wedding business and enjoy being part of someones big day, or they see it as an opportunity to make money. Of course we all need money, but if they can't make you feel like they belong in the first category then keep looking until you find someone who does!