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How Many Wedding Invitations

Remember that you don't need to order one invitation per guest, one per couple or household is all that you need! 

As a rule you will be inviting couples and families, so we recommend that you group your guest list as such - at least for working out how much stationery to order. This will let you know just how many invitations you will need.

We recommend that you order a few spares, just in case you suddenly remember that you have forgotten to invite someone or want to 'upgrade' an evening guest once you've had a few replies back.  Simply order without the guest name printing for these items and we will send them blank for you to fill in later. You might also want to keep one for sentimental reasons so a few spares is a good idea. Please bear in mind that, although we can print one single invitation for you, there may be a postage charge on each order sent.